Check out our first You
Tube listing- "How Quagmire
the Bearded Dragon got his

Here Quag is doing his
mating dance because he
sees Fiona the female
Beardie nearby. They are
housed separately and not
in each others' view so they
can relax & not be agitated.
Critter Camp
Exotic Pet Sanctuary
About Us
We did not set out to create a shelter or
sanctuary in the beginning.
Our Director,
Beth, is a single mom who was
homeschooling her two gifted daughters
and her son with special needs while
incorporating their pets into the lessons.
They had the usual pets, a dog, cats,
hamsters, & gerbils. However they decided
to add ferrets and ended up taking in a
rescued ferret and his cousin. Then came
the hedgehog, another gerbil and parakeet.
Before long word got out & people were
bringing them their unwanted animals. They
used these opportunities to learn about the
new animals in all subject areas - reading,
writing, math, geography, science, etc.
When they had nearly 30 animals they
decided they had to either stop accepting
the homeless critters or make it a full time
endeavor and become a licensed shelter.
We have grown to care for over 300
animals of 30 different species, utilizing
about 20 regular  and hundreds of one-time
volunteers, and becoming a registered
501c3 non-profit organization.
Volunteers from miles away come to help
us at Critter Camp. They help clean cages,
build enclosures, exercise, feed and play
with the animals.

We believe that:
At a certain point re-homing pets,
particularly the unusual and exotic ones,
at all costs often serves only to make
the people involved feel better about
themselves, irregardless of the stability
and continuity of care the elderly,
abused or ill animal, actually needs.
Euthanizing such animals brings the
rescuer down to the universally
despised level of “puppy-mills” in that if
an animal is no longer useful to humans
it must be killed. This is incredibly
heartbreaking. Again, people bred
every one of these pet animals for
human enjoyment and/or profit,
therefore we as humans have an
obligation to provide quality care for
these animals for their entire lives
whether or not they are “pet quality.

"Beth at Critter Camp runs the best
most responsible animal sanctuary that
I personally know of. She is so caring
and honest with her facility and her
funding, and that is something that I
can honestly say is hard to come by.
Beth is the sweetest most personable
person that I know. She would do her
best to help you with your animal or
help your animal or animals in need, and
that is what really and truly brought
me to know her. Beth is the most
honest and caring and trust worthy
person in the "sanctuary" business that
I know. I can truthfully say that Beth
and her facility is what it is, A "true"
sanctuary. It is my pleasure to know
Beth, and to call her a friend of mine.
So please donate, anything that you can
to help her, and all the babies that
are located at her facility. Anything
rather is be big or small anything would
help her greatly and I know Beth would
be more than grateful to you. Please
take the time to read about her and
you will see what I see. A wonderful
woman with a heart of gold!"