Critter Camp

Jackson (Jax) is a
Green Wing Macaw

Verde ( is a girl!)
Yellow Naped
Peter is a girl!  
Quaker Parrot  
Doves: Momma & Papa & Junior

Uncle feathers
(& Parro  
-bridge 12-11)
the Parakeets
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Help page with a Birdie
Success Story!
Sam & Belle & Skyler
& Spinner & Rosie  the
Meet Tiny Tim  and Lucky - they were hatched as the usual elementary school
project (in a Chicago school - Oak Terrace In Highwood) but Lucky had a huge
abcess and Tiny Tim- well you can see he has a splayed leg. The farmer refused to
take them (they would have just been -well- disposed of anyway) so a teacher called
dozens of rescues till she found Critter Camp - and we agreed to take in the pair.
Tiny Tim had his bad leg amputated, lived with us for nearly  year and is now happy
on a farm.  Lucky is living on a farm nearby as well.
*We do NOT take in FARM animals- this was an exception*
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Ollie's Parrot Perch and A Place to
Call Home
Avian boarding, behaviorist services
A non-profit 501c3 organization, A
Place to Call Home offers high
quality care and re-homing of
companion birds and strives to
provide educational opportunities to
the public through outreach
programs, special classes, lectures
and literature in regards to the
better understanding of care and
ownership of birds.
HAPPE parrot rescue
is an Illinois based
organization assisting with
the adoption and placement
of exotic birds through a
network of foster care homes
and coordinated efforts with
other licensed avian
organizations throughout the
USA. HAPPE Parrots also
provides education,
rehabilitation and behavior
management consultation.