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   Bearded Dragon Care
 Was housed with another male who was
eating his leg and tail!             
Scream               Long Body                  Alberta       
Iguana           Ball Python       Western Box Turtle       
Millie, Irma, Abby                                          Rambo
Box Turtles                                             Sulcata Tortoise     
Fire Belly Toad           
Ray is a juvenile American alligator.
He is about 5 years old and was kept
as a pet until he reached an
unmanageable size. Then he came
here and was relocated to a larger
reptile facility!
Alligators are not legal
to keep as pets, and
they are DANGEROUS!
Do not purchase one
as a pet!
If you or someone you
know has one- be sure
to contact the
apporpriate authorities
to surrender it ASAP!
Helga Frog(was Clyde)
is an albino African Clawed Frog

See her adorable
eating video here!