Dealer Loses
Custody of 'Stock'
Because of Cruel
Treatment of Animals
Video of US Global Exotics
Critter Camp is proud and honored to be selected as one of 30 rescues in the nation to receive
some of the rescued animals from the horrific US Global Exotics animal cruelty and neglect case.
SPCA of Texas has handled the overwhelming task of caring for thousands of exotics animals
professionally and with kindness.

Our rescued Critters Are HERE!! All 75 of them!! Yay!
Roborovski Hamsters, Mice and Texas Spotted
Ground Squirrels!And Pogo the Short Tailed Opossum too!
SPCA of Texas
Custody of
Thousands of
Cruelly Treated
Exotic Animals
Monday, February 1, 2010

Transfer to Approved
Groups to Begin This
Week, None Available for
Adoption through SPCA of
See the WSMV
Channel 4 News
report on the rescue
transfer in Nashville!
Featuring our very
own Shary Stelter-
amazing transporter !!
Shary stayed at Comfort Inn &
Suites with the 75 animals -
Remember they allow pets!!!
Pogo the short tailed
(Pogo passed away in
a few months from a
large internal tumor)
A dozen Texas Spotted
Ground Squirrels
A dozen white mousies
that ended up giving
birth to 30 babies!!!!
38 Roborovski
Shary's grandson
Mike helping with
the transport!
THANK YOU to the
PETCO Foundation for
the generous donation of
supplies to help care for
these critters!!
The mousies and Rboo
hams were mis-sexed
and had babies!
Robos are
available for
See the adoptable
critters on our