Critter Camp
Guinea Pigs
                                                                              Penny & Clover                                      Brownie 2 & Ginger 2
                                                                                                                (Brownie 2 passed away 1-09)
               Indie               Cinnamon                        Rose-A-Bell                          Gussie                     New BEW
33 Girls:
(Mille bridge 12-11)& Henny Penny           Mama                                 Play-doh                                     Abby
Niblet                           (Butterscotch - Rainbow Bridge 5-11) & Dumpling             Beebo            Rosie
20 Boys:
Dreamsicle                                              Frisky                                        Punkin          Guinnie
Ruff                                          Buster                                      Viktor                       
The guinea pigs live in 2 free range colonies -  one for the boys & one for the girls. We call them
Piggy haven!
See a video of them here!
Casper                                  Snowball                                                       Sidney                      Shadow        

Service project:
See our
Pig Enclosure Renovation
Girl Scout Gold Award
Project being completed
by Troop 595
Contact Us to donate to
the project!
WOW! Intense cuteness!
Piggy Haven  piggies
are impressed!
Check out GuineaLynx
for  guinea pig care
Moe & Curly
Albus                                                Fonzi                Crunch & (Snickers   -passed 11-11)        Squeakers                  
                 Lily & Maya
Molly                                   Caramel & Daisy                           Hawk Girl                                   Nutmeg & Sugar

Learn About Guinea Pig as Exotic Pets
Daisy                               Peaches & Rusty                            Oreo & Bella                         Snickers
Valentine & Petunia                             Tiny Tina
Hershey                                   Oliver                Pepper
Fluffy & Snowball
baby guinea pigs that are blind &
deaf and have malocclussion
They weren't eating so their owner
brought them to critter Camp to get
special care
They are thriving here!