Tuffy the baby Degu

Tuffy was quite the acrobat until one morning when we
found him dragging his back legs. We were afraid he would
not live. But he has proven us wrong! He is thriving! He
manages to get to every level of the cage that he shares
with his mom, dad, 2 brothers, 2 uncles and grandpa. He
eats fine and he is very happy and healthy. The only thing
he doesn't do is run in the exercise wheel.
Tuffy went to the Rainbow Bridge Sept. 07
Pudgie the African Pygmy Hedgehog

Pudgie's former owners say that one
morning they noticed he was missing
an eye!
He likes to be left alone, so we make
sure he is in a quiet place and is
kept warm, safe and well fed.

Pudgie crossed the Rainbow Bridge
in June 2007
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Snowball the ferret

Snowball came to us with her cagemate Colby.
They were both suffering from adrenal disease,
they had hair loss and were very sick. Colby
died within a couple of days of congestive heart
failure. We gave Snowball a melatonin implant
and she responded very well. Her fur grew back  
and she is very healthy and energetic now! We
recently gave her a second implant to help her
stay healthy.
Derm, Harley and Flower recently came in and are all 3 suffering from adrenal disease. Harley and
Derm are over 6 years old and Flower is only 2 1/2, her symptoms are not as severe as the two
boys' are. We gave all 3 of them melatonin implants and hope they will respond favorably - halting
the disease's progress and growing their fur back. They do seem active and relatively healthy, so
we are optimistic that they will do well. They also had ear mites that they have received treatment
Harley passed away in December.
Smokey 2 and Buster Brown

Smokey 2 and Buster Brown came in malnourished and suffering from
kidney disease. Buster died within days, but Smokey 2  gained weight and
is pretty lively for a tiny six year old that has been through so much.
Smokey 2 crossed the rainbow Bridge in March 2007.
Popeye the rabbit
Popeye came in missing one eye. His
former owner said he had been
attacked by a cat.
Popeye went to the Rainbow bridge
Oct. 2007
Yin the tiny bunny
Yin has a malformed foot- it is just
one long toe, likely from being
tangles in string or something when
he was young.
Maggie the African Pygmy Hedgehog

Maggie was abandoned at Chicago
Exotic Veterinary Clinic with a plum
sized tumor. Volunteers from the Red
Door shelter brought her to us. Sadly
her biopsy shows she does have
malignant cancer. We will care for her
and keep her happy for as long as she
can live.
Maggie crossed the Rainbow Bridge
December 2006 - we miss her greatly
Rif the Degu, Nibbles the Sugar Glider & Sizzle the Rabbit
All 3 have cataracts so their vision is impaired.
Tripod the Dwarf Hamster

Tripod was born with one of her
front legs inside her skin! You
can feel the little bone pushing
when she walks. She gets
around fine and even runs in a

Tripod crossed the rainbow
bridge Aug. 2007
Pinkie and Bandit are Hairless Rats & Pinkbelly is a Hairless hamster

(here Pinkbelly is filling her cheeks with Cheerios!)

Hairlessness is a genetic defect, they cannot reproduce and they are usually
weaker and more prone to disease and tumors, as well as scratches and cuts
which get infected. They are sensitive to temperature extremes and the sun.

All 3 have crossed the rainbow bridge.
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Meet some of our critters that were not only
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Saltine the ferret is recovering well
from surgery to remove a tumor.
Saltine never fully recovered and
went to the Rainbow Bridge Sept.