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Advice on finding Retirement Parties companies. Online Directory of Companies that specialize in Retirement Parties, Wedding and Birthday Party services.
My Party Planner
Ferrets Magazine Look for the article on Critter Camp !
Find almost any type
of pet needing a
new home!
Be sure to check
section too!
Kathleen's Phototgraphy
in Rockford, IL
The Petco foundation and
distribution center have
donated funds and supplies to
Critter Camp!
Zoo and Aquarium Visitor Magazine
eNews for FREE!
Check out:
Razzle's Hog Blog  and the incredibly touching
tribute to Razzle, a deeply loved and very lucky
Read all about blind
magician Gary Haun's
amazing life in his book :
Vision From the Heart
Critter Places
Find animal entertainment of all kinds
anywhere in the country!
World Animal Network
is a free news and resource hub helping
people help animals since 2003.
Cute Overload
Adorable Pictures of Critters!!
Kitten War!
The Daily Kitten
Weasel Words
News & Information for Ferret Lovers
Illinois Pet Shelters Pet Shelter Directory contains over 1000 links to animal shelter websites organized by state. The directory is  well-maintained and is regularly checked for broken links.
Hugs for Homeless Animals
Shelter Search
ASPCA Find a Shelter
Shelters in Illinois
3 Bunnies Rescue
Orphan wild bunny care
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
All God's Creatures
Wildlife Sanctuary
Northern Illinois Center
for Nonprofit Excellence
Rockford Chamber of

I joined the One Dollar, One Shelter, One Month animal shelter campaign and have pledged my dollar each month, won't you please join with me? Together we can help many shelters help more animals!
Freeport/Stephenson County
Convention and Visitor's
Rockford Area Convention &
Visitors Bureau
Hedgehog Welfare Society
exists to protect the well-being of pet hedgehogs
through rescue, research, and education of the
people who care for them
Support Our Shelters, S.O.S.
helping shelters help shelter ferrets
International Ferret Congress
Skunk Law
Working to legalize skunks as Pets in Illinois
Adopt A Ferret Month
Nature's Niche
Environmental Educational Services
Animal Help
Pet Care Information
Business Hub
Business Directory
Baby Bird Farm
Birds and supplies in Rockford, IL
Green People
World's largest directory of eco-friendly and holistic
health products
Critter Camp's Listing on Green People
Forgotten Tails
*Forgotten Tails has stories and
articles from the people who
dedicate their time to help those
poor animals that have fallen
through the cracks.
Mounds Pet Supply Warehouse
Great Deals on Pet Supplies!
Animal Crazy
Best Friends
My Pet Friends

Camera Critters
Pet Brags
Pet Care Tips
Warm and Fuzzies
PETCO E-Certificates
Buy them for your favorite rescue -
like Critter Camp!!
Get a $4.00 Coupon for Purina pet
food and Critter Camp gets a dollar
Give A Bowl
Critter Camp is a FACEBOOK
join today & share with your friends!
Check out Critter Camp's new
Gift App on Facebook too! Send
your friends adorable pics of critters!
Thank you to FURminator for
their donation to Critter Camp!
Check out Blake,
Exotic Creature
See the STUNNING photos
taken by
"Jeefer" on his
visit to Critter Camp!!
Mounds Pet Food
Great Deals on Pet Supplies!
Check out the May Warm & Fuzzy Salute featuring
our very own volunteer Cassandra Randall!
Cassandra was also nominated for the
Rock River
Valley United Way Youth Volunteer of the year!
Tues. April 2 Critter Camp
was featured on the
Adopt A Ferret A Month
website! Check it out!
Vision From
the Heart
What Critter Camp did over Spring Break:
* Gave a lot of tours!
* Opened the BUILDING FUND for the new sanctuary building at US Bank!!  
Donations may be made at any US Bank location!
Click for details about the
account, donations and the
Sanctuary Plans!

* And took in 14 new animals!! See them all on our What's New Page. A dozen
came from
DuPage County Animal Control, including a white mouse found at a
forest preserve and a hedgehog (now named BraveHog) found in a dumpster!
UPDATE 4-25-08
We welcome 11 more animals from DuPage County as well as a few others too!
Help us Welcome the Pocket Pets
Rescues to Critter Camp brought
here by the
Champaign County Humane
Society !   See the news reports:

I joined the One Dollar, One Shelter, One Month animal shelter campaign and have pledged my dollar each month, won't you please join with me? Together we can help many shelters help more animals!
Check out the Alley
Cat Allies Feral
Unique and effective way
to deal with the stray cat
Thank you's to
Sam's Club and IHOP for their
recent donations!
Check out the Ferret Giving tree & help shelter
ferrets have a happy holiday! Critter Camp ferrets
are on Tree 17!!!
Critter Camp entered the
Stateline FastPitch Competition 2008
and was selected as one of 12 finalists out of 63 entries!
(Video of the finalists is supposed to be posted soon on
their site)

We pitched our proposed Sanctuary building
to a group of over 100 area business people
on Tuesday June 24.
Maybe there was just the right donor in the
See WREX 13 News
coverage of the

Critter Camp Report
See a Critter Camp photo each
week in the Freeport Journal
PawPalooza Section!
Check it out online too!
Visit Ferrets
Magazine  to
read the great
article on
Critter Camp!

Shambala Preserve
Chicago Turtle Club
Chicago Herpetological Society
Check out "I'm Tired"
This bracelet is made from recycled tires with a cylindrical recycled metal
bead with "I'm Tired of" embossed on both sides and "Animal Cruelty" on top.
There are other worthwhile causes supported too!
Pets To Paint
More cool
Critter Camp-
Salem Street
Check out the Critter Camp Interview on Kritters
That Twitter this week!
HAPPE parrot rescue  &
Ollie's Parrot Perch and A Place to
Call Home
Our Baby
Mice made
Check out the Hamster-Club - All the Hamster Information you need.

And the California Hamster Association
Save A Pett
Our Three
Hamigos made
the Daily
Check out PetSafe
Use the promo code: NPX31XEP1A
and Critter Camp will receive 5% of
your total purchase.  Your pet’s safety
and security is guaranteed AND Critter
Camp’s exotic pets receive a
donation- what a great deal!
4PAWS We make custom and
pre-made small animal bedding
and cage liners. As we expand
we will flow into the dog and cat
bedding market. If you have a
request for something we have
not yet designed we WILL design
it for you! Use Shelter Reference
Number: SHTCC001 for critter
Camp to get a percentage!
NEW!! COOL Critter T
shirts, Sweats &
Order Rescue Vegan
Chocolate & help Critter
Camp! be sure to write
Critter Camp in the
message part of the order!
Check out our NEW
Amazon Wish List!

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