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Meet Buddy the ferret,Critter Camp recently rescued him. He has been
living in that aquarium his whole life. He has not been allowed out of it for
He was eating terible food with raisins in it, had a rusty can to hold his
water bottle, and if this isnt enough the owner had cut off his tail so it didnt
get caught in the lid again.

(Help care for Buddy and the other 300+ critters here-
direct to - thank you!)

Buddy now lives in our large free range ferret room with new pals, places
to hide and play and lots of high quality Totally Ferret food.
He loved his first tastes of Vivify & Ferretvite!
Sable lived in a barn
for awhile after being
passed around from
owner to owner. She
is probably 6 or 7
years old.
Alistair is a mink- he escaped from a
fur farm, was kept briefly as a pet and
he was slated for euthanasia at an
animal control department.

He is quite feisty, not handleable, and
does not interact with the ferrets.
He does not smell at all, not like the
ferrets. And he is totally potty trained
also not like the ferrets :)
Elder ferrets Charlie &
(Charlie passed to the
bridge 3-12)
Newest ferret Olivia

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