Critter Camp Wins $50,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project!!!
Thank you to all who voted!!!    Thank you to Pepsi!!!!
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about our win!
Animals Critter Camp has been able to
save since winning the contest:
127 and counting!
Supplies we've been able to stock up on!
Miss Bunnicula
Found as a stray, purported to be mean as all get out,
possibly even an escaped meat rabbit, she is a big girl-
over 14 lbs! She was 15 minutes from euthansia when
Critter Camp stepped in with help from Tender Tails to
save her life!

Tender Tails also saved this little hamster from
euthanasia as well- Now living here at Critter Camp, her new
name is S'mores

Spooky was found as a stray
He is friendly and will be  going to Tender Tails to an awaiting
adoptive family!

Olivia & Reagan came in when their owner had to move.
Reagan is blind and has tumors, Olivia is healthy but will stay
here with Reagan. (Reagan just passed to the Rainbow
Bridge, she was warm and happy when she went in her sleep,
Olivia has made new friends and will stay here at Critter

Beatty & Hershey came here  from a crowded animal shelter
where they were running out of time, they are on their way up
to Tender Tails with Spooky to waiting adoptive families!!

Miss Diggit the prairie dog
She is about 3 pounds, and just plain adorable!! Her owner
had to move and could not take her. She will be adored and
cared for well here at Critter Camp. She will likely become one
of our education animals too.

Two Californians found nearly frozen to death in a
block of ice in a box with a note that said "If you
want to kill them, kill them. We don't want them

Two more bunnies destined for euthanasia stopping
over here at Critter Camp on their way to Tender
Tails for adoption.
Critter Camp took in and adopted out 5 large Koi fish
Philsbury the
prairie dog is a
PD is an
prairie dog
Rosie    Indie         Cinnamon        Guinea piggies
Albino Gerbils                           African soft Furred rats
Blizzard & Snowflake                   Jake & Elwood
Daisy & Poppy and Viktor guinea pigs
Max & Charlie                         Princess Buttercup
These 5 bunnies were all saved from euthanasia at shelters by coming to Critter Camp and then being transported to K & R Sanctuary & Tender Tails to be adopted!
Momma, Daddy & 7 baby
mice, Papa Hamster,
Trump hamster, & Eureka
the very shy hedgehog
and 2 baby ratties we
A leopard Gecko & a baby snake we took in and rehomed
Guinea Pigs Shadow, Lou ,
Oreo & Bella will stay at
critter Camp, while Mingo,
Teddy, Snoopy & Cayden
and 4 cockatiels went on to K
& R Sanctuary to be
Bunnies Molly &
Isabella, Spike & Buffy

Ratties Ashely & Kane
Mowgli Siberian Chipmunk                        Link Degu
Peaches Hedgehog
8 new ratties and hamster Papa
Prairie Dogs Munch & Fin     New litter of 13 baby mice
& Petunia
Oliver & Pepper
24 ratties
Lola Alice & tiny tina              hershey & snickers         mocha sugar glider
Rabbits Marlowe,
jasper & Chava