Indoor Rabbits in Cages NO MORE!!!
All of the indoor rabbits have been moved to our new community free
range setting!
29 happy hopping bunnies afoot!!!

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Please help with our Dollar Drive- going on through the
month of May
to pay the vet bill to spay and neuter the 14 rabbits that will be going to
the new outdoor enclosure in a few weeks.
Please direct
Paypal donations to or mail to
Critter Camp, 824 Church Street, German Valley, IL 61039.
If every person who views this page give just
one dollar we will meet our
The rabbits are being altered in the next 2 weeks, and then will be able
to go to the new enclosure in June! We are still hoping for donations of
material from lumber companies or individuals as well.
*Dollar Drive netted nearly $300! Thank you all!!!!
Update 5-14-07:
Menards is currently considering our request of lumber and
insulation to finish the rabbit enclosure in their donations
We are 1/3 of the way to our goal to pay the vet bill for the
spaying and neutering of the rabbits.
Thank you to everyone who has helped so far!
Do you love rabbits? Then you will love
this site!
Disapproving Rabbits - so true!