Rainbow Bridge
Derm                                  Flower                                  G-Weasel                         Saltine                  New Angel
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Smokey 2 (on right)
March -  2007
Buster Brown(on left)
October - 2006
Colby the ferret
was only with us
a few short
days, he died of
adrenal cancer
and congestive
heart failure
April 2006
Oscar                        Buster                                                                Snow                                Pepper
7-08                              7-08                                                                     6-08                                       4-08
A very sad farewell to our precious Anastasia,
one of the two ferrets that started it all here at
Critter Camp. Our introduction to the wonderful
world of carpet sharks  was a spunky, petite,
adorable little weasel & the best kisser! Her
cousin Ferri is still with us, the old fella is
slowing down quite a bit though, and he
misses her a lot.
Two and a half years ago the vet said she had
only weeks to live due to various medical
consitions. Our Ferret Keeper, Cassie, would
have nothing of it! She hand fed, medicated
and cared for Anastasia every day - through
the night if needed (often she was strong
enough to eat on her own too.)
Her spirit is at the Rainbow Bridge with the rest
of our passed critters, and her body lies at rest
under a big apple tree on a lovely secluded
property. Read about Anastasia's early life on
Life at Critter Camp page.
Ferri missed Anastasia
in the months following
her passing. Now he
has joined her at the
12-08   MJ was a recent arrival here at Critter Camp.
Her owner was deployed to Afghanistan, and left her with a
relative to re-home. When the relative got tired of her he started
to torment her - even shooting bb's at her to see her reaction! A
visitor saw this and took her home, but they were worried that
their dogs wanted to kill her and they knew they couldnt keep
her. So they found us and she was happy and safe in  the ferret
room for her brief time here. She had advanced adrenal cancer,
kidney disease and insulinoma. It is so sad that it was too late for
effective treatment by the time she got to us.
What a sad short life she had. We did the best we could to make
her last weeks pain free and happy.
Buddy 4-09 Raz 1-09
Bear 5-09       Bandit 2-09
Sanchez- whose
adorable little face
graces the cover of
our first book- 5-09
Ari 9-09                     Smokey 6-09
Snowball- lived 3+
years here with
Adrenal disease- she
had more melatonin
implants than we
could count! Snapping
back each time- till
now- at age 6+
Misty 8-09
Angel 2-10
PJ   6-10
Ritter 7-10
Karma 8-10
Storm 12-10                  Curly 11-10
Snickers 1-11
Duke 8-11                                       Sativa 9-11                                 Felix 9-11
Jordan 9-11
Stormy                   Pip
Reagan 11-11
Indega 1-12                            Charlie 3-12
Buffy 4-12