Critter Camp is supported by donations and the hands-on,
educational, entertaining
tours we provide for all ages

There is no government or public funding for our sanctuary. We rely on the
kindness of animal lovers all across the country to help us care for these
"forgotten" pets!

Critter Camp is a registered Not-for-Profit, Charitable 501c3 Tax
Exempt Organization

USDA, Illinois Department of Agriculture & IL-DNR Licensed
Our Belief:
At a certain point re-homing pets, particularly the unusual and exotic ones, at all costs
often serves only to make the people involved feel better about themselves, regardless of
the stability and continuity of care the elderly, abused or ill animal, actually needs.
Euthanizing such animals brings the rescuer down to the universally despised level of
“puppy-mills” in that if an animal is no longer useful to humans it has no need to live. This
is incredibly heartbreaking. Again, people bred every one of these pet animals for human
enjoyment and/or profit, therefore we as humans have an obligation to provide quality care
for these animals for their entire lives whether or not they are “pet quality.

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home with them!
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